• Food Legislation

Legislation in food businesses, how legislation is enforced, the responsibilities of employers and employees and the concept of due diligence.

• Microbiology

Factors of bacteria multiplication, the threats of food poisoning bacteria.

• Prevention of Contamination

The four types of contamination and how to prevent food being contaminated.

• Personal Hygiene

The need for good personal hygiene in the work environment and the role of the supervisor in ensuring good personal hygiene among food handlers.

• Personal Hygiene

How food handlers must maintain high levels of personal hygiene

• Food Safety Control

The value of good storage and the importance of date checking and stock control.

• Temperature Control

The various methods of measuring food temperatures, the correct temperatures for heating and cooling food and the stages of cook-chill.

• Food Spoilage Control

The principles of food preservation available to prevent spoilage.

• Pest Control

The different pests, their impact on the workplace and the methods that can be taken to control them. .

• Cleaning & Disinfection

The need for cleaning, the different methods of cleaning and cleaning products, managing cleaning schedules, controlling internal and external waste appropriately.

• The Design and Construction of Premises

The suitable considerations that have to be taken into account when siting and constructing food premises..

• Training Staff

The legal regulations regarding training and the need for good communications and record keeping

• Implementing Food Management Safety Systems

A detailed examination of each step of the HACCP system.

• Safer Food, Better Business

– Introduces Safer Food Better Business and demonstrates how managers and supervisors can practically apply it in the workplace..


Assessment will be conducted at the end of each module.


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