The course gives participants a basic awareness of good hygiene and safety issues and meets food industry regulations, with reference to employees preparing, cooking and handling food in catering settings

• Food Poisoning

Why food safety is important in the catering & hospitality sector

• Bacteriology

Types of bacteria and factors that can affect its multiplication

• Prevention of Contamination

Controlling measures that can be put into place to prevent the spread of bacteria

• Temperature Control

How to measure food temperatures and how temperature control for certain food types will reduce the multiplication of bacteria

• Personal Hygiene

How food handlers must maintain high levels of personal hygiene

• Premises & Pest Control

The need to keep food premises maintained and in good condition and the consequences for the food business if infestation occurs

• Cleaning & Disinfection

Methods to keep premises and equipment in good order

The Law

The legal obligations of food handlers


Assessment will be conducted at the end of each module.


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Food Hygiene Course

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