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Health and Safety Training Services at Pinnaclecoterietrc Coterie Trc Nigeria leading Project Management ,Health Safety and Environmental Services Provider

Preventing accidents and ill health caused by work is a key priority for everyone at work. That’s why an investment in training is an investment in your organization success.

The important of safety at work place can’t be over emphasized. It is felt in every industry where the personnel are exposed to sustained risk in their daily operations.

Health and Safety has become the hub for increased organizational effectiveness, performance and productivity. Having safe working conditions, policies and maintain records of all incident reports has become an indispensable tool for increased employee motivation, commitment and dedication.

An organization must use a combination of HSE training and HSE protocols to manage as many hazards as possible.

Our award-winning workplace safety training solutions feature engaging content delivered via classroom training tools and site-specific training to help increase safety awareness and safe behaviors.

Learn the HSE techniques and join the leading industry. Get qualified for positions either as HSE Supervisor, HSE Officer, HSE Advisor, and Safety Manager.


HSE Compliance – Awareness & Appreciation (General) Level 1 & 2

Overview – We often read and watch on news about accident, sometimes to the extent that we are affected personally. However, we always respond reactively and take things for granted until an accident occur or re-occur before taking things seriously.

Some concerned people wonder why accident still occur or re-occur after all health and safety measures had been taken. Person(s) in charge of risk management must be aware that health and safety is not one subject alone, it is an aggregate of multiple principles or a function of many disciplines. For a person involved in or managing health and safety, looking at various technical aspects of occupational risk management is necessary.


Health and Safety Training Services at Pinnaclecoterietrc Coterie Trc Nigeria leading Project Management ,Health Safety and Environmental Services Provider

HSE Compliance – Supervision Level 3

Health and Safety Training Services at Pinnaclecoterietrc Coterie Trc Nigeria leading Project Management ,Health Safety and Environmental Services Provider

HSE's Manager's Course

Overview – This course is about understanding and applying common HSE management systems in oil, gas and petrochemical industries. It includes a rich blend of knowledge development sessions, individual and team exercises, problem-solving, and sector case studies. These come together to challenge participants in a realistic but fictional case study facility.


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Our Other Safety Courses


Rig Safety Introductory course provide new and less experienced employees with the basic skills needed to excel in the demanding oilfield environment.

To work in the high-risk drilling field, it is critical that all employees have the basic skills to succeed. Unprepared new employees create unnecessary risks to the entire operation. These risks can be mitigated through our Rig Safety Introductory process.



Maritime Safety Awareness Training

This Maritime Safety Awareness course is designed to provide participants with an understanding and increased awareness of the requirements to safely work in a Maritime environment. Attendees will also be instructed in the safety requirements when conducting personnel transfers and working with or near mooring lines. Splicing and rope work may also be added if requested, but will require additional time.




The 3-day Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) training provides a practical overview of EIA process and its requirements. Completion of the course is based on attendance only. There is a short assessment exercise at the end of the course which is used to consolidate learning.

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) systems have become established in both developed and developing countries, usually as a legal requirement of the development control process.

This Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) training course identifies the key stages of the EIA process and provides advice and guidance on managing EIA projects. This course is delivered by EIA professionals that have a wealth of experience managing and contributing to EIA projects.

The trainers use case studies from their own experience to illustrate and expand on the content of the course.




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