Our team delivers a wide range of accredited courses, as well as providing tailor made training programmes which can focus on specific issues, company policies/procedures, control measures and management systems. These courses are available as “Open” programmes or “In House”..

Training can be provided as introductory workshops, in-depth training, practice support, training for trainers and bespoke consultancy or ongoing mentoring support – we’re flexible to suit your needs.

Health and Safety Courses

Preventing accidents and ill health caused by work is a key priority for everyone at work. That’s why an investment in training is an investment in your organization success.

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Solar Training

PINNACLE COTERIE INTERNATIONAL (PCI) offers professional solar training courses, premium solar installation services and expertise in the repair and maintenance of PV systems.

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Customer Relationship Management

Putting the customer first is one of the most valuable strategies for building a business. Satisfied customers become repeat customers and often increase their spending.

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Food Handlers Courses

As someone who works in an environment that deals with food, it is essential that you understand the basic principles of food hygiene so you can help ensure any food sold by your business is safe for consumers to eat.

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Quality Control and Assurance Course

Quality assurance professionals work in a variety of settings to ensure that an organization meets its established quality..

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Human Resources Management

This course provides an introduction to the various functions of human resource management, including compensation and benefits, staffing, recruitment and selection, research.

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Project Management Professional Courses

Project management professional course provides you with skills and techniques to effectively carry out the project entrusted to you on time

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Environmental Impact Assessment Course

The 3-day Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) training provides a practical overview of EIA process and its requirements.

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